Feb 28, 2014


What a difference an ocean makes!

Today was my first ride in America since returning from Việt Nam three weeks ago, and it was great!

The KLR650, a mid-sized bike here, seemed HUGE after over two months on 100's and 125's... and with the bum knee, it was a bit hard to dismount due to my inability to twist the knee and stay on my feet.  I managed, though, and the riding was great!

My comfort level is a LOT higher now that I've more than doubled the miles/kilometers under my belt, and I definitely want to keep riding.  My dual sport phase is over, though, and I'm headed for a cruiser.  There is a motorcycle show in Lynnwood this weekend, so I will head up there and hope I can see everything and get my questions answered so it's just a matter of a test ride before signing up.

The bikes under serious consideration are:

Victory Judge

Victory Cross Roads Classic

Indian Chief Vintage
Indian® Chief® Vintage 
and Moto Guzzi California Touring

I love the retro look coupled with the newest technology... it's too bad they're all too big for Việt Nam.  I may have to move to Thailand instead, just so I can have a bigger bike <smile>.

Even though my Việt Nam bike was only 125cc, the time on it and the challenges of the road surfaces made a huge difference in my basic comfort level.  I can barely wait 'til the next non-rainy day so I can get back out there... tomorrow?

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