05 April 2014

Over 10,100 page views!

Wow! They say the pages of this blog have been viewed over 10,100 times!!! That's total views, not individuals viewing, but still... 

Thank you!

To date, over 1,000 views each from Malaysia and Việt Nam; over 100 in the UK; and dozens from Hong Kong, Cambodia, Germany, Canada, and France, along with a few from China, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Belgium.

WOW!!! Thank you!

Please keep passing the word. Although my maiden voyage is ended, plans are in-process for a May/June return to Việt Nam (to see if I can handle the humidity of the rainy season; paving the way for retiring there) and a Dec/Jan 2015 trip during which I will actually get to Thailand and probably Lao.

Stay tuned...