02 February 2020

What do the Republicans stand to lose if they do the right thing?

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He's a decorated and retired Navy Chief who's smarter than most of us and more of a Patriot than ANYONE who still supports any Republican in national office.

"What do they lose if they stand up, declare they are putting America first, that the integrity of the office matters, that the president -- government -- must be always held to a higher standard? What do Republicans lose if they show themselves acting with courage, integrity, and a sense of duty? What do they lose if they take charge of impeachment and lead from the front? What do they lose if they demand the truth? Evidence? Witnesses? What do Republicans lose if they stand up and show America that they are willing to do the right thing? Put country over party, duty over politics, truth over lies? Do they lose their jobs, or do they earn reelection out of respect?


"They lose Trump.

"Trump. They lose Trump. They lose an amoral bombastic fool, a patsy, that can be easily manipulated into implementing the very worst of their agenda without getting their own hands dirty.

"They know this guy is a fool.

"Those with their hands on the real levers of power? In this country and beyond? You know they look down on Trump with nothing but utter contempt, you can see it in every sneer, every smirk, every roll of the eyes.

"But that’s the key to it.

"Because Trump is so desperate to prove himself their equal, so desperate for their attention and acceptance, that he’ll do anything to get it. Trump is so pitiful, so utterly in need of praise, that he can be openly manipulated by news broadcasters and baited by a tweet.


"Trump is the guy who told them they don’t have to be ashamed of being a horrible person. If they lose Trump, then they lose an excuse for their hate, their selfishness, their racism, their misogyny, their homophobia, their horrible religion, their wars, their greed, their fear, all of it. Trump is the guy who makes it okay to stand shoulder to shoulder with Nazis, with Confederates, with the Klan, with the Proud Boys, and still pretend that you’re standing up for 'The American Way of Life.'

If they lose Trump, they lose a chump to blame for it all when the bill comes due."

Read the entire article here: Stalking Horse

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29 January 2020

Tom Nogler

My good friend Tom Nogler's heart gave out.

A good man suddenly gone too soon.

There will be a Memorial on 01 February at the Capital Theater on Fifth Street in Olympia, WA.

Since I'm in Việt Nam, I cannot be there. I've sent the following to a good friend and ask that it be read during the Memorial. I'm also posting it here so that others who cannot be there can get a feeling for who Tom was and who he will continue to be in the memory of countless people who were fortunate to know him:

"Thank you, Chris Stearns. Had you not found me sitting in Darby’s front window that Sunday morning and Shanghaied me into “just checking out” the first meeting of what became the Public Power Initiative, I most likely would never have known Tom. I certainly wouldn’t have had the privilege of working closely with him, literally daily at times, for almost two years; and then sharing a meal with him these many years later every time I returned to Olympia. Except for the last time, this past December. Like most of you, I thought Tom would always be here... I figured I’d catch him next time.

"To say that the Tom Nogler I know was THE Champion of Uphill Battles, is to greatly understate it. In our time working together, he happily did everything asked of him and then found much more to do without being asked—wrangling volunteers; asking for donations; standing outside in any weather with his petition board... always wearing the hat that I became convinced he never took off—and always with that Tom Nogler 100,000-watt smile topped-off by two of the brightest, most expressive eyes ever.

"I could go on and on, but I’d be telling you nothing new. You know Tom, and you can still see him looking at you with love.

"There is less than a handful of men on this planet whom have ever called me “brother”, and even fewer with whom I freely used that word. My guess is that most of them are in this theater today.

"Wherever you are, brother Tom, I know you are smiling—thank you for sharing your life with us.

"You will live on within each of us.

"We love you."