28 March 2014

Surgeries behind; Adventure ahead

On March 7th, the torn meniscus was removed and on March 14th, the L1 compression fracture repaired with kyphoplasty.

Immense thanks to Eppo and Liz for spending their day babysitting me and ensuring I got home safely. You are two great friends!

For those interested, I have fluoroscopy images of the latter procedure...

Two needles were inserted into the L1 vertebrae

Two 15-mm balloons were then inserted and inflated, creating bone cavities:

The balloons were the deflated and removed before ~ 7ml of  Kyphon cement was injected. This is the beginning of the cement injection:

The doctor then removed the needles, covered the holes with a dressing, and sent me to the recovery room.

Today, almost two weeks later, 80-85% of the pain is gone and they're confident that a couple more steroid injections will take care of most, if not all, of the remaining pain.

I am cleared to resume "normal" activities...

Thank you for following my adventure in SE Asia. I will post more during my upcoming return.

Until then...

11 March 2014


As of this afternoon, the KLR is down-the-road and the cruiser is in the garage...

A 2007 Victory Kingpinmade in the USA
Mods are coming (of course)...

As are better photos...