16 February 2014

Medical Update

According to the MRI report, my L1 vertebrae is about 30% compressed. No wonder it hurts so damn much all the time! I think I remember the exact HOLE in the road that I hit that caused this, though there were so many, I can't be sure.

I still need to talk with the doctors before I'll know all my options. The procedure they're proposing to repair my L1 vertebrae is called kyphoplasty.

The link above takes you to a site that says,

"The doctor places a needle through the skin and into the spine bone. Real-time x-ray images are used to guide the doctor to the correct area in your lower back.

"A balloon is placed through the needle, into the bone, and then inflated. This restores the height of the vertebrae. Cement is then injected into the space to make sure it does not collapse again."

It also promises anesthesia and predicts a seven-day recovery time. We'll see...

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