18 February 2014

Catching up... with MAPS!

Before I get to the maps, I want to share what happened today... I moved my KLR650 into the driveway to take a few photos to use in advertising it for sale so I can purchase a cruiser. Right now I'm leaning toward a Victory, unless I hear back from the people who made the DUU or I can find one. A couple people have recommended that I look at a Harley, but I'm definitely NOT a Harley guy.

Here in the US, the KLR is a medium-size bike. After 10 weeks on 100-125cc motorcycles and motos in Việt Nam, the 650 seems HUGE! As I write this, it's almost dark, so I'll wait 'till morning to take it out and get re-acquainted... at greater than 60 kph, no doubt.

Okay, it's map time!

The long distance motorcycle leg of my adventure ended in Hà Nôi almost seven weeks ago... and I finally sat down and put together some maps with the help of (and sometimes great frustration with) Google Maps.

Here are the daily route maps. Be sure to zoom in a bit to get a feel for all the twisting and turning the roads do, especially on days 4, 5, and 8.  It's too bad I couldn't add the topographic information, too... 

Day   1     HCMC to La Gi                      

Day   2     La Gi to Beach                       

Day   4     Beach to Đà Lạt                     
                  except go “straight” from B to C 

Day   5     Đà Lạt to Liēn Son                 

Day   6     Liēn Son to Buôn Ma Thuôt   

Day   7     Buôn Ma Thuôt to Pleiku       

Day   8     Pleiku to Khâm Duc               

Day   9     Khâm Duc to Hoi An

Day 13     Hoi An to Đà Nẵng

Day 16     Dong Ha to Kỳ Anh, Part 1 ignore directions 8-12
                  and the unnecessary Google Maps-inserted loop.

                 Google Maps also wouldn't let me plot the road
                   I took through the Ke Go Nature Reserve. 
                 See Dong Ha to Kỳ Anh, Part 2 for the day's last leg.
                 The gap between the maps is a road Google doesn't know.
Day 17     Kỳ Anh to Thanh Hôa

Day 18     Thanh Hôa to Hà Nôi

These are now also linked to on the individual days' pages.

Thanks for sticking with me this far... it's been an awesome adventure and I'm already planning the next one.

Any suggestions?


  1. Have you looked at Honda, John? I've been riding Hondas since my first Trail 70 at age 6. (boy I wish I still had that now - they're worth some $). I ride a Honda cruiser now and I'm very happy with it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I stayed away because the Honda dealer here in Olympia has terrible customer skills. Will check out the bikes at another Honda dealer in Tacoma or Puyallup or somewhere nearby. Which model do you ride?