23 September 2015

158 of Đà Lạt's children have new motorbike helmets this morning

We did it!

Yesterday, almost 13 months after the Estate Sale that raised the money, we got to present each child at one of Đà Lạt's elementary schools with a brand-new Protec motorbike helmet...

HUGE thanks to my right-hand person and translator, Vy; my #1 supporter, part-time Vietnamese language coach and cultural attaché, My; the school administrators; the Đà Lạt Red Cross for arranging for the photographer and videographer; friends Gee and Tien; and Vy's four friends who helped ensure that each helmet was properly fitted.


Special thanks also to Donna, Bob, Debbie, and the four Adventure motorcyclists from Horizons Unlimited's Naksup, BC Travelers' Meeting for their generous contributions that allowed a last-minute addition to the helmet order. Those contributions will allow us to provide helmets to some of the small children of school staff who do not attend the schools to which we donate helmets

The photos in this post were taken by My (except, of course, the one of her). More photos and video later as I collect them from various sources.

We visit the second (and much larger) school on 5 October. Soon after, I will launch a crowd-funding campaign via which you can donate toward the next round of helmet donations.

In the mean time, if you'd like to donate for one helmet (US$13), for the 300 minimum needed to order our special hi-vis color, or anything in-between, please send the funds via PayPal to 100% of all donations go toward purchasing helmets; I pay any and all administrative costs.

Once we have the money for at least 300 helmets, we will place the next order and announce our next school(s). If one person/company donates for at least 300 helmets, we can put your club or company logo on those helmets. Please contact me for more details.

Thank you!

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  1. Exciting and heartwarming. Congratulations on another job well done. Thank you for sharing.