24 September 2015

More Photos—Helmets for Đà Lạt's Children

Thanks to Phước Phạm for these great photos of Tuesday afternoon's event:
Here, I am talking about why I ALWAYS wear a helmet and showing
that I have a helmet the same color (Vy is to my left and translating).

The first student gets her helmet. She then gave a nice speech thanking me and promised that all the children will wear their helmets every time they ride a motorbike.

These 10 children were our "demonstrators" so that the rest of them could see how we would fit the helmets to each of them.

A student helping her classmate get the proper fit.

Ɖau không? (Does it hurt?)

It was difficult to get a good fit for the smallest child
in the school. She was very patient with me.
The entire school poses for photos. The two Red Cross representatives are on the right.

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