Apr 16, 2018

My FIRST EVER Father/Daughter Adventure

Monday through Friday, my six-year-old daughter Honey goes to school.

On the weekends, Honey goes to English school for 1-3/4 hours. Since her mom leaves very early every Saturday and Sunday to attend pharmacy school, I get to take Honey to/from English school.

Honey, her mom, and her immediate family are very close. Ever since she started English school a year and a half ago, Honey starts our ride by asking for her mom--even though she knows her mom's at school, too. Every weekend, when I pick her up after school, I ask her if she wants to go to the park or to Big C (a small mall where there is a play area). Every weekend, she tells me she wants to go to grandma's house to play with her cousins... and asks for her mom.

This past weekend, when I dropped her off at English school, I again asked if she wanted to go to Big C with me after school. To my surprise, she said, "YES!"

I thought for sure she'd change her mind, but as soon as she saw me again, she asked, "Daddy and Honey go to Big C?" I said, "Sure!" and off we went. After about 2 minutes, I asked her if she'd rather go to the cap treo (cable car). With great excitement, she said, "Yes! Cap treo!"

I messaged her mom to let grandma know not to worry; we were going to the cap treo. La was almost as surprised as I was, and replied, "Take lots of photos." So we did.

The "V" is almost universal in photos of Vietnamese people. It stands for "Vietnam", "Peace", and,
because the word for 2 in Vietnamese is "hai", the two-fingered gesture also means "Hi" or "Hello",

Not once did she ask for mommy.

Do I need to add that we had a WONDERFUL time?