03 December 2013

RIP Mitzi, circa 1999-December 2, 2013


Mitzi is free now... and I miss her...

She came to me a scared, twice-rejected little thing and blessed us with her love, acceptance, and bliss for almost nine years. Even Mouse was unable to ruffle her!

She recently lost 1/3 of her body weight and when I left on Friday, I knew I would not see her again.I I told her I loved her, and let her know that it was okay to go. She's now at peace and pain-free and will live in our hearts until the last person and feline who met her is also gone.

Thanks to Kathy, Nick, and the crew at Steamboat Animal Hospital for taking great care of her for me and helping her make the transition easier for her.

Thanks to Mitzi for coming into our lives and loving us.

(Note: In the photo above, Mitzi has her paw on my shoulder – she always wanted to touch you. It was very endearing, and probably what I will miss most about her.)


  1. Laos from Anthony Bourdain TRAVEL show

    Enjoying learning about SE Asia since you opened the door. Just watched a show on Laos and learned a thing or two.

    I learned about The banks of the mighty Mekong river in Laos that makes Cambodia look industrious...that is the last unexplored area of SE Asia and poorest/isolated.

    Mountainous, heavily forested, jungle, iron/age hill tribes,farming, opium, fog/mist, mysterious. Communist government has kept it isolated. French colony architecture untouched by western chains.

    100 miles east of Vientiane is Xangkhoang Province is on front lines of one of America's largest and most secretive war (wow did not know). The town called Phonsavan (Wild West of Laos) (Looks like you will have fun in the open outdoor farmer markets), We dropped more bombs on this neutral country then we dropped on Germany or Japan in WWII. wow...for 10 years we dropped bombs every 9 minutes 24 hours a day for 10 years...the largest covert military operation in history. Watch out for old bombs...there still out there.

    Curious how you are enjoying the food and if you have had their breakfast special...noodles in broth?

    The show mentioned a B&B (Auberge) in Laos called Plaine des Jarres (Hotel/restaurant) that looked interesting: “Outstanding, romantic, & rustic. I would stay again in a heartbeat!”Reviewed November 11, 2008 The Auberge de la Plaine des Jarres was exactly what I hoped it would be: A cosy, comfortable, rustic inn with stunning views of the surrounding areas. And it was more: The owner Sanya spoke the best English we encountered from a non-native speaker during our whole 12 days in Laos (he is fluent from American school growing up in Vientiane; I wish Lao tour guides even spoke/comprehended 1/2 of what he does!), his chef is way beyond expectations and simply first-class, his bar is fully-stocked, his service provided by two young men in their 20s was extremely professional, helpful, and friendly, and his prices were very reasonable, the surroundings are like an upscale camp with a view to die for and wood-burning fireplaces in all rooms and the main dining room and bar area, rooms are comfortable with spectacular views, reliable hot showers, and free drinking water bottles appearing in the room daily.Owner Sanya's knowledge of and his help in translating his area touring suggestions in Lao to our tour guide who thinks he is better in English than he speaks or can understand made a great improvement in pre-planned tour of the area. I would stay again in a heartbeat. Plus, it was a welcomed reprieve from the fancy 4-5 star hotels we stayed in while visiting larger and more touristed cities. We visited Xieng Khouang as part of our honeymoon (XK is what Phonsavanh is more referred to in Laos even though XK is really the state, not the city in which Phonsavanh is located).

    Looks like you can ride elephants (national symbol in Laos) in Luang Prabang.

    Lao Lao ... Must try. If offered / custom/courtesy is to accept.

    Well that's my education & blog for the day. "A"

  2. That's a great picture of Mitzi and a wonderful tribute. You are a great cat daddy. She was such a sweet cat, I'm glad I got to meet her.

  3. John -- trip envy on my part. Anita and I enjoy reading your posts. As fellow cat lovers: we feel your pain about Mitzi.
    Ride safe my friend
    Tom and Anita

  4. Sorry to read about Mitzi :-( Brave of you to carry on.