01 December 2013

On my way!!!

Finally, after months and months of planning and anticipation, I'm ON MY WAY!!!

House-sitter Nick arrived on time, as did my ride to the airport.

Am writing this while on the 14-hour+ flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong. After a couple hours in the HK airport and a couple more on a flight to HCMC, I'll check into the hotel and head out to explore the city's motorcycle shops. After much thought and research, I've decided to go with a new bikehopefully a 150-175cc. You may remember from an earlier post that anything over 175 requires special licensing and many more bureaucratic hoops to jump through, some of which may be on fire. I'll pass.

Am pretty sure that after riding my KLR650, even a 175 will seem like a moped. As long as it gets me through my journeyand I don't have to pedalit'll be great! It will also be much easier to maneuver and make a smaller target for the motorcycle-eating trucks I've heard so much about.

My friend connected me with her cousin in HCMC. She is coming by the hotel mid-afternoon to show me a bit of the city and has said she will help me in my quest for just the right bike. I'm hoping she also will assist me in getting any outfitting (panniers, etc.) I may decide to add. Those of you who know me also know that none of my vehicles are safe from tweaking...

Stay well...

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