Nov 5, 2013

Quotes and Videos

As I prepare for departure in only 25 days, I'm checking and re-checking my lists, talking and emailing with people who've been to one or more of the five countries I'm planning to visit, and getting in a few last days of work...

I was also recently been reminded of two of my my long-time favorite quotations and came across (and up with) new-to-me quotes:  

     "If what you're doing doesn't scare you, you're not doing enough."
       —Tom Peters

     "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence
       of the American people."HL Mencken 

     "If you go home with someone and they don't have books,
       don't fuck them."John Waters

     "If it all goes well, I'm brave and adventurous. 
       If it doesn't, I'm stoopid... or worse... is there 
       anything worse than stoopid?"—John P (me)

Here are a few very good Việt Nam road trip videos with great scenery that I came across in my trip research:

Đà Nẵng to Huế

Hai Van Pass 

Hà Nôi to Sa Pa (cow at 0:54)

I was already going from Hà Nôi to Sa Pa and Da Nang to Huế, and I may've missed the Hai Van Pass road if I hadn't found the videos. Now I'm thinking about getting a GoPro Hero3 video/still camera to mount on the handlebars.

Additional gear info coming... scored a great deal on the Schuberth helmet integrated communications system; more on dry bags; Kawasaki weighs in; video camera or no; and more.

As always, I love to hear from you with questions or comments.  Thanks to fellow Seattle HUBB members for your thoughts and contributions.  Sorry I'll be out-of-town for the get-together...

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