07 November 2013

Health Care Update

Following up on the almost horror story of the rabies vaccine (see the October 22 post), I just now pulled the trigger on my coverage for the first year of the ACA (ObamaCare)... and it's NOT with Group Health Cooperative.

The "Multi-State Plan Premera Blue Cross Bronze 5250 HSA" plan gives me a deductible (and maximum out-of-pocket) of $5250 in place of my current $2500 deductible and $10,500 maximum o-o-p. It also allows me to get primary care under my plan and within my network out of state--which is important when you spend as much time as I do out of state and've been on over 60 airplanes in five of the past six years! This network also includes my world-class neurosurgeonno offense, Dr. W, but I hope I don't see you againwho is NOT in the GHC network.  AND, it allows me to keep using my HSA account and the $4300 per year in pre-tax dollars to pay for medical care.

Granted, my premiums are 50% higher than this year, but if that's the cost of opening up health care coverage to EVERYONE with no pre-existing conditions or lifetime caps, then sign me up and call me a Socialist. I'm also pretty sure that part of that increase is because in only 10 days I complete my 60th lap around the sun...

Who the hell starts riding a motorcycle at 59+ laps and goes on a solo 10-week ride across SE Asia at 60 laps?  

That would be me...

The next post will detail some of the new trip-related acquisitions. 

Until then, Namaste.

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