Oct 30, 2016

My Family

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting upstairs at Da Lat's One More Café, enjoying the food, the view,
a bit of random conversation, the fresh air, and the cool weather.

Two weeks ago, I arrived home after two months in America, and it's good to be back. This is, I think, only my fourth trip out of the house because of my injury and severely diminished capacity to do many things that we take for granted... like walking, using stairs, and even going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. "Cabin fever" is real, trust me.

The only way I could be here is with a LOT of help and support from ViLa and her/my family. She brings food in or cooks for me every day; makes sure I'm comfortable on my throne (couch); does the laundry; and, most importantly, lets me know that I'm loved and cherished.

Right after I shattered my knee and when I was still in the hospital in Olympia, she pleaded with me daily to "come home and let me take care of you." I was smart enough to say, "Yes, please" and fly back as soon as the doctor cleared me for travel.

The support from other family members is also quite humbling. Honey (daughter) is always happy and lets me assist her in coloring or playing "Concentration" or just watching cartoons together; her father came by last week with a LOT of delicious yogurt that he made just for me; her aunts and cousin stopped by to visit and one of the aunts insisted that I wear the Buddha necklace that she took from around her own neck

so that I will be protected from future mishaps; her Mom and sister are in Saigon and call daily to inquire as to my health and well-being.

WOW! I'm a damn lucky guy!!!

It's two more months before I can toss aside the crutches and gimp around on my own, so my ONLY hope is that my caregivers can hold on until then; even though I know they will.

Next up: I'll finally finish the post about last January's rides through the NW of Thailand...

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