18 April 2016

Dream Rangers

To me, it's not a commercial. It is a warning to remember what is truly important. For almost 50 years, my goal has been simple: If I know that I am about to die, even if it is only 0.01 seconds prior, I want to go knowing that during my life I did everything that I ever wanted to do... without regret.

So far, I'm on-track with one exception and I honestly think that's because I did not want it enough to earn it—I never made it into space... and I've made my peace with that.

If there are things you've "always wanted to do", pick one, get off your ass, and go do it! When you're finished, pick another, and go do it. When you're finished... I think you get my point.

Me? I'm going to ignore FB until I can finish my next two posts about my three-months-ago Thailand trip. Then I'm going to go for a ride.

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