14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, they celebrate Valentine's Day here in Vietnam!

ViLa ran out of her favorite perfume a bit ago and it's pretty pricey for someone who is struggling to get a secondhand clothing shop up-and-running... so I thought it'd make a good VD gift. I also thought I'd surprise her in a rather unique way.

So I gave her a box of Belgian chocolates (Vietnamese chocolate is crap!) and a package of crackers...

As she put the crackers aside, I suggested that she have one. We'd just returned from dinner, so she said she wasn't hungry... so I asked if I might have one. Of course! So she opened the package and, as she pulled out the plastic tray, I wish I'd had the camera out, because the look on her face was awesome:

"Ôi chia ơi!" (Oh, my god!)

The best part is, she would've been happy with the crackers... 

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