03 October 2015

More BDR Photos

I just found some photos from the BDR trip that I took (except the first one) with my digital camera instead of the iPhone 5S I usually use:
Happily and nervously ready for Day 2

Brett readying the herd

Beauty shot angle 1

Beauty shot angle 2

The view

Roadside attraction, BDR style

We have little idea what's next, so we talk about what just happened.

Brett modeling proper body position

The original recycling

Years after the clear cutting

Instructors' Conference

Brett facilitates a round of "Exactly where are we?"
Only in the PNW...

Most of the day's route

Post-feeding siesta

Mount Adams, lesser peaks, and the WPA-built highway

"The Mountain" (Mt. Rainier to those from afar)

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