10 January 2015

Worldwide Training Associates is no more

As I mentioned previously, I retired on 17 November. Last week I finally changed my Worldwide Training Associates web site and my LinkedIn profile to reflect this wonderful milestone.

The best way to reach me here is via email or by posting a comment via the link at the bottom of every blog post... because I just gave up my U.S. phone number.

A previous blog entry detailed my frustration with the worst customer lack-of-service experience in recent memory courtesy (or is it lack of courtesy?) of T-Mobile. The short version is that after 10 Skype calls to their Technical Worthless Support and Lack-of-Customer-Service Departments, they finally figured out that the problem was in my SIM card and all they had to do was send me a new one—to a U.S. address which would then have to be forwarded to me and which I would receive about three months after Wi-Fi calling (the reason I opened the account) was stripped from my account by T-Mobile's f*ckup. They also refused to refund the $75 positive balance I paid into the original pre-paid account... so I closed my account and severed all ties.

The bottom line is that the (360) 866-6881 phone number is no longer mine nor is it active. If you want to speak to me, the best way is probably via Skype; my account name is johnp_nw.

Or, call me on my VN cell phone, +84 938 197 467. Whether it's Skype or cell phone, please call between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Việt Nam time (4 p.m. and 8 a.m. Pacific Standard Time).

Thanks, and have a great January!

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