03 December 2014

A house without cats is less than a home

My decision to retire and move to Viet Nam to live (so that I could retire) necessitated finding new homes for Amy, James, Sophie, and Mouse. Amy and James were requested by my friend Kathy; Sophie was adopted by a very nice couple who took Gregory in years ago. Which left only Mouse.

Mouse was first in, and last out… 
1996 (the sculpture is 8" tall)
Finally alone again the last couple weeks, she was happier than she’s been since we moved here and the others started arriving: Shadow, Amy, James, Gregory, Trudi, Kristi, Sara, Jerry, Sofie, and Mitzi. They all came to live with us, though not all at the same time. 

Suddenly she (Mouse) could again walk everywhere unmolested; she could eat when she wanted and even leave a bit of wet food in the bowl knowing it would be there when she wanted more; she slept with both eyes closed again and for as long as she felt like it—even through the twice-daily servings the of wet food she loved.

She now lives with Jo, of Feline Friends who will ensure that for whatever time she has left, she is comfortable and well-taken care of. I miss all of them a lot and I miss her more than I thought I would...

A house without a cat or four is very lonely… I'm glad I'm leaving tomorrow morning!

Thank you to everyone who gives a homeless pet a loving home and especially to Feline Friends!

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  1. Wow! I see you've had some big changes in your life. Good for you!

    Sweet story about your cats. Glad that Mouse is in good hands

    Be well and stay safe! Enjoy your adventure!