12 January 2014

Finishing up Hà Nội

Sitting in a Ho Chi Minh City sidewalk café it occurs to me that I have a few Hà Nội loose ends to tie up. So here goes...

For the best (and very good) American-style breakfast I've yet found in-country, it's Chúc Linh at 73 Hàng Bac Street, just a few doors down from the Queen Hotel @ 65. 

The Queen Hotel itself is very nice and a good value. What makes it even better is the staff. The ladies at the reception desk are so great, that when they sat and shivered all day during a brief cold snap, I bought them a small radiant heater for under the desk. I think that's the first time I've done something like that for the staff as well as the first time a guest bought them something.

A few more photos of things seen on a moto:

On a bicycle:

And hand-carried:

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