22 August 2013


Heard from a friend last night after he read my first post.  He suggested that I contact two people he knows who have traveled extensively in SE Asia and another who lives there.  I'm looking forward to contacting each and learning as much as I can from them.

If, while reading this blog, you think of someone who would be good for me to talk/email with or a web site or other resource that would enhance my trip, please post it in the comments.  Any contact or personal information will be scrubbed before publishing the comment for the public.  Thank you! 

Tomorrow I'll send in my application for a three-month, multiple-entry Vietnamese visa to the Consulate in San Francisco.  There are two applications on-line, one to send to the Embassy in Washington, DC and another for the Consulate.  Since I live on the left coast, I'm using the Consulate.  Either way, the fee is $180 (it's $150 for one-month, multiple-entry; $100 for one-month, single entry).  They also require a 2x2 photo (two if you use the Embassy) and a FedEx or USPS Express Mail return envelope.  Processing time is quoted as about 3 days--add shipping time both ways, and I'm hoping to have it back in <10 days. 

One last detail... an International Driver's License from AAA... only $15 and two passport-size photos--and you don't have to be a AAA member.  If you're a Costco member, it's only $5 for four passport photos--by far, the best price around.  I bought 20.

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