22 June 2014

Đà Lạt continued

On my first day in Đà Lạt I was introduced to an amazing acupuncture doctor (see previous post). During a conversation with her and my new friend and translator Vy, she told me that the house to which her practice is attached and where her son and his family are currently living, will probably be available for rental in late summer or early fall... and that she would be very happy to rent it to me if I'd like.

She gave me a tour; it has a living room, kitchen, and full bathroom downstairs and two bedrooms, a full bath, and a small balcony upstairs. There is a lockable gate on the driveway, a secure place to store the motorbikes, and empty lots on either side. It's a nice place and definitely a contender, though I am not committing to anything yet.

While thinking about this place, I've come up with a few questions that I'll have to answer for any rental property:  
  • Will it be okay to have Sofie live with me? (deal breaker)
  • What is the neighborhood like?
  • Is it secure?
  • How do I get mail?
  • Do they have delivery of 5 gallon bottled water?
The pluses of this place:
  • Fresh air!!!
  • 5 minutes to the lake; 10 minutes to town
  • Rent includes once-a-week housecleaning
The downsides:
  • The small balcony is mostly obstructed by the additional building on the front that houses the doctor's practice
  • There are five HUGE and UGLY condominiums about 70 meters away that seem to be mostly vacant--if they fill up, the neighborhood vibe will change for the worse.
We'll see...

While in Đà Lạt, my new good friend Thu took me to a place that I highly recommend... Đà Lạt Night Café. It's on a small, easily missed road and a bit difficult to find. It is also worth getting lost a few times. I suggest that you take a taxi--or if you're on a tight budget, hail a taxi, show the driver the address, follow him on your rental motorbike, and pay his fare. Then you save the fare back to your hotel/hostel because you're on the motorbike.

I was the only Westerner in a full house (possibly because I am unable to find a single mention of it on the Internet) the night we were there, and we were late enough to miss out on the coveted window seats. For me, the main attraction of DLNC is not the good entertainment (singers with guitar and piano accompaniment); it is the beautiful panoramic view of the city through the windows of one entire wall.

You can even see Đà Lạt's scaled-down Eiffel Tower on the horizon...

Sorry, no photos. You'll just have to go yourself. I'll take you if you come to town after I'm a Đà Lạt resident.

If you are anywhere near Đà Lạt after dark, head for Đà Lạt Night Café (04 Đống Đa Street, Đà Lạt City). 

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