10 March 2018


Translation, "Oh, my god!"
More than a year's gone by SO QUICKLY and I've yet to publish any original material here. Apologies to the four who are still checking occasionally (Doug, Liz, Ray, and you); I'll do my best to publish at least twice a month from here on out. Yes, I know I've promised before, but, as I'm sure you understand, life happens—and as I get older, time compresses.

Am I now traveling at light speed?

Probably not.

Let's get to catching up... if you're not already subscribed to updates, please do it now. Just put your email address in the box at top right of the page. I promise NOT to give or sell your email to anyone AND stories and photos to make you go, "Hmmmmm..."

As much as I'd like to continue posting in chronological order, my inability to finish my Son Doong Cave trip post from early 2016 is one of the main reasons it's been so long since I posted. Enough! We'll travel back in time a bit later for that one; here's an easy one.

In mid-2016, I got a phone call from the editor of What's On Dalat magazine asking for information on my helmet initiative. After we talked a bit, he asked me to write a one-page article for the August issue.

It turned out well. 

Autographed copies are available in the Gift Shop.

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