Mar 21, 2017

Jonathan Pie

I just recently discovered this guy and he's awesome!

If you can handle the occasional "bad" word, watch this:

Most of you won't be able to watch just one, so here's another:

Am working on catching up, starting with my visit to the world's largest cave (March 2016). Soon, I promise...


  1. John! My name is Ray and we met last year when I was canvassing Olympia. You were with Tom Nogler at your house I was passing by. I'll be traveling through Vietnam next month and settling downing Hanoi for the next year. If I remember right you live in Dalat. It would be nice to meet up and grab some food while I'm there. What do you think?

    1. That's great news! Send me an email so that I can respond and we can set things up. I'll be in the US for most of November, so I may have to come to Hanoi to see you. Drop me a note (not here) and we'll figure it out.