11 August 2015

America... just visiting...

Used Alaska Airline miles to fly FC on Cathay Pacific (what a GREAT airline!) yesterday to LAX. On the 13+ hours flight (using miles) from Hong Kong I managed to sleep at least 7; have two awesome meals; and watch 1-3/4 movies. Then caught a hotel room for a few more hours' sleep. Now back at LAX waiting for my flight to SeaTac...

It feels strange being back here... and a bit uncomfortable. I'd really rather be at home in Đà Lạt.

That said, I'm sure the novelty will wear off... and I'm very much looking forward to dark chocolate, crunchy American peanut butter, and chipotle hot sauce!

If you're in the PNW and want to get together for a beer or a ride some time in the next couple weeks, drop me an email.

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