Feb 1, 2014

The last compartment is empty

A few minutes ago, I took the last set of vitamins/malaria prophylaxis/probiotics in the second of two containers I brought. 

Seeing it empty brought a huge wave of sadness. 

Each compartment held one day's supply. I also have some very small ziplock-type bags (seven of which I've used at various times) for the remainder needed until I get home. That this is empty means I the end is very near... 

This is, to-date, an experience of a lifetime! I want it to continue. The real world is calling, as is a commitment to a client who was generous enough to let me delay the beginning of a project with a hard deadline. Without that, I would stay longer; my visa is good for another month.

All things must end at some point, and I leave Việt Nam in two days. That is, most of me will leave. A small part of me will remain. I love it here!

The people, the countryside, the cities, the multi-colored currency, the people, riding a moto in HCMC and Sài Gòn traffic... If you have not been here, or if you were only here prior to 1975, promise yourself that you will visit Việt Nam. It is one of only three places I've ever visited that I want to see again.

As I wrote the last two paragraphs, tears ran down my face. That has NEVER happened before when thinking about heading home...

The planning for my return starts this afternoon.

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