04 May 2015

Customer Service

As many of you know, I spent most of my career working with companies to improve their sales, client retention, product knowledge, and customer satisfaction. Throughout both my personal and professional life I was always on the lookout for outstanding examples of customer service, both positive and negative. I want to share with you one of the BEST examples of customer service I've ever experienced.

I ride one of my two motorcycles locally at least six days out of seven. I always wear a DOT helmet, an armored jacket, and motorcycle gloves, even for a short ride to town and back. My gloves of choice for 95% of my seat time are my Olympia 750 Ventor gloves. They are comfortable, well-ventilated, and offer some protection should I go down.

The fact that they share a name with my favorite place to live in the U.S. is a coincidence.

A couple weeks ago I noticed that the inside fabric on the palm of the right glove is wearing though.

Since it takes a while to receive packages here, I decided to order another pair while I was thinking about it. Having them prior to needing them would also allow me to alternate wearing the old pair and the new pair, probably extending the life of both by allowing them to have time to dry out and rest every other day.

The Olympia web site offers a varied selection of gloves and after weighing the pros and cons of a few, I decided to switch to the 715 Extreme Gel gloves due to their increased levels of protection and comfort.

They arrived in about 10 days and I put them on immediately.

Ut-oh... they're TOO TIGHT and the seams rub my fingertips, especially the right index finger.

Since they are the same size (XL) and same manufacturer, I was surprised at the difference in fit. I double-checked the size chart on the Olympia site to make sure I'd read it right before ordering and I had. I'm an XL.

After a couple days of trying to wear them for 30 minutes or so, I gave up and wrote to Customer Service:

"I just received the XL Olympia 715 Extreme Gel Gloves I ordered on your order number 2172.

"Unfortunately, they are too small—even though your sizing chart says I should wear an XL and the XL Olympia 750 Ventor gloves I’ve had for two years fit 'like a glove'. The seams of the new gloves rub the ends of my fingers and are very uncomfortable.

"I live in Đà Lạt, Việt Nam and paid $10 for shipping. Now I have to pay $20 to ship them back (Vietnam Post really sticks it to us) to get credit or have you ship me a pair of the 750 Ventor gloves.

"In my world, these gloves are too small to be called XL and I should not have to pay for return shipping or shipping on a pair that is true-to-size.

"I look forward to your reply,


The next day I received their reply:

"We are sorry that you had the problem with the #715- Extreme Gel. We usually ask our customers to return the gloves and then we would exchange/credit them but we will make an exception in this case because you are out of the country and you would be paying for almost the same amount for the gloves just in shipping charges, I am going to send to you today at no charge the #750-Ventor- X-Large as you have requested.

"With the 715’s maybe you can wear them a little each day because they should stretch or maybe you can give them to a friend. Since you will not be returning them it’s hard to say if they were defective or the sizing was made incorrectly.

"The tracking number for your new package is XXX.

"Once again we are sorry for this inconvenience.

"Thank you,

"Mary Vasta
Customer Service"


Thank you Mary Vasta and Olympia Gloves!

I loved my Olympia gloves before this. Now I love the company, too! While revisiting their site to create the links here, I noticed that they also have a blog with interesting and informative information about riding and, of course, gloves.

If you ride, check them out before you buy your next pair of gloves. Any company who treats customers like this deserves a LOT more.

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