08 December 2014

Chapter 8--Retirement means many things

Three days ago, only 371 days after my first arrival in Việt Nam, my plane landed in Ho Chi Minh City carrying every physical thing I own in 8 suitcases, two backpacks, and what I'm wearing. What's funny is that a year ago I had most of these things plus enough others to fill a 2800 square foot house--and at this moment I feel that I have too many possessions. What a difference a year makes!

December 3rd, my last day in Olympia and in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, was a strange day for me. The previous day I spent almost 19 hours packing and re-packing; throwing away some of the things that wouldn't fit and giving away the others. Included in "throwing away" were many things that are not yet in the trash and may escape it if they are claimed by a few friends who will come by the house in the next day or so. After sneaking in almost four hours' sleep, I got right back into it and finished loading the rental car in time for a 10 a.m. departure. 

What was strange was that all day--at home, on the phone, in the car, at Bob the Chiropractor's office, in the rental car shuttle, during the first flight--I would suddenly start crying for no immediately obvious reason. Relief? Sadness? Fear? Happiness? I do not know. 

I do know that I am excited to start Chapter 8; sad at leaving a great city and many wonderful people; relieved to finally finish packing; and even a bit fearful of what lies ahead, though that is greatly eclipsed by the wonderful anticipation of a life in a country where I speak only a few words of the native language.

Yes, I've always been a bit off-center...

Have you decided yet when you're going to come let me show you around? Give me a month or so to decompress and get settled in first, though... and get caught up with this blog!

Thanks for staying with me...

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  1. John, I want to wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life. I am certain it will be a wild ride for you! I am hopeful I can come visit you someday.