24 August 2014

LBJ's Escalation in Việt Nam

As I divest myself of 98% of my worldly goods in preparation for the next chapter of my life's adventures, I keep mentally going back to the American War on Việt Nam.

What amazes me beyond words is that the overwhelming majority of the Vietnamese people, both young and old, warmly welcome today's Americans with no visible animosity. Is it the Buddhist influence? I am unsure I could be so forgiving...

Here is a link to the November 20, 2009 Bill Moyer's Journal program on why America jumped into VN with both feet. 

 Johnson's Escalation of Vietnam: A Timeline

This never-declared war resulted in the death of OVER FIVE MILLION Vietnamese (including 4,000,000 civilians) and over 58,000 Americans.

All for naught...

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